Telehandler Hire Perth

At Allwest Plant Hire, we provide multipurpose telehandler hire in Perth and Western Australia. Our range of telehandlers for hire (also known as telescopic forklifts) includes trusted brands such as Manitou and JCB, designed to meet the needs of various industries, from construction and mining to agriculture and logistics. Whether you need to lift heavy loads, move materials across a job site, or access hard-to-reach areas, get the job done swiftly and safely when you hire a telehandler from our experienced Allwest Plant Hire team.

Telehandler Hire Range

As leading plant hire specialists in Perth, we understand finding the best machinery for your project is crucial. We’re here to help eliminate the need for unnecessary equipment, extra costs, and safety issues on your job site with our versatile telehandler hire in Perth. 


Used for various applications, from lifting and moving heavy loads to accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Extended Reach

Ideal for loading and unloading materials from trucks and reaching elevated work areas.

Easy Operation

With four-wheel drive and steering, telehandlers can easily maneuver in tight spaces or uneven terrain.

Safe & Reliable

Telehandler safety features include stability controls, operator cabins with excellent visibility, and emergency stop buttons.

Improves Efficiency

Complete tasks quickly and easily, reducing the time and labour required to move materials or access work areas.


A great alternative to other equipment options like cranes or forklifts, as telehandlers perform various functions as a single machine, reducing the need for additional equipment and labour.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your project reach new heights when you hire a telehandler from Allwest.

Manitou Hire

Our state-of-the-art Manitou MT-X 1440 telehandler is extremely versatile and suitable for sites requiring increased lifting height. With a lifting capacity of 4 tonnes and a height of 14 metres, you can safely remove loads thanks to the wide outriggers that provide excellent lateral and front stability. It can also tackle any terrain with its 4-wheel drive, steering, and substantial ground clearance. With easily accessible slinging points, moving the MT-X 1440 from one location to another is a breeze, helping you complete your project more safely and effectively.

If you’re hunting for a particular telehandler missing from our range, give us a ring, and we’ll help you find the most suitable telehandler for your project

JCB Hire

Looking for a telescopic handler with an elevated reach? At Allwest Plant Hire, we’ve got your project covered with our full-sized, 3-stage JCB 535-95 Loadall for hire in Perth. Efficiently powered by JCB’s DIESELMAX engine, JCB telescopic handlers come equipped with a tailored chassis to provide ultimate load-bearing and stability, helping you complete more tasks with less hassle and machinery. Looking to hire a JCB telehandler today or find out more information? Contact us today for tailored advice on our Perth telehandler hire range.

Telehandler Hire Rates 

At Allwest Plant Hire, we focus on providing excellent customer service, competitive quotes, and extensive product knowledge, all with the right equipment to match. With our extensive product knowledge, we’re here to recommend the best type of telescopic forklift suitable for your project. If you’re after more information on telehandler hire rates or more specialised telehandlers, contact us today.

Plant and Equipment Hire in Perth

For over 25 years, we’ve been Perth’s premier hire provider of heavy earthmoving plant, equipment, and professional operators, as well as in-house transport and logistics to Perth metro and regional areas. If you’re looking to hire a specific piece of machinery, equipment, or attachment, contact our experienced team, and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.